Frequently Asked Questions

UnaBot Power Search
How many search engines are listed on UnaBot?

No one has really tried to keep count, but trust us, it is ALOT!  Once the total number of search engines got well into the high hundreds, it became tedious to keep accurate numbers on the number of engines and directories listed.

So are you guys a bunch of search engine freaks?

We have been accused more than once of being obsessed with search engines.  In our opinion, it is a healthy obsession.

Why don't you have "Whatever-The-Name" search engine listed on UnaBot?

While we list countless numbers or search engines and directories, we are not trying to list EVERY search engine and directory out there.  We try to list the ones that are popular, or offer something unique.  So many search engines out there are simply clones of Google, and there are literally THOUSANDS of DMOZ directory clones. To list all these would be too much extra work for us just to list these sites that offer no unique content of their own.

Do you list any adult search engines or directories?

No.  We currently do not list any adult search engines.   There are children that use this site, and we are trying to keep things family-friendly.

Can I suggest a site or feature to add to UnaBot?

Sure.  While we cannot guarantee we will list your suggestion, drop us a line on our CONTACT US page (link at the bottom of this page) to let us know what you think.